SUP Slide-in Center Fin 9 Inch


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Made of durable nylon material with excellent corrosion resistance and UV resistance.
Designed to reduce water resistance and improve the tracking of your board, making it easier for you to go straight.
Quick and easy assembly or disassembly without any tools.
Fits most surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks or longboards.
The surfboard fin has a unique arc design, the upper end is fin-shaped, and the streamlined appearance conforms to the physical principle of water sports, which effectively improves the flexibility and stability of the surfboard and improves the turning performance. Detachable and adjustable design, easy to install and use, can meet your various needs. You just have to swipe and be sure.

material: plastic
Colour: Black
Product size: 18.5*22cm / 7.3*8.7in
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