1person drop-stitch 2 air chamber kayak

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Technical specifications

Ultimate One 1 person kayak
Length: about 400cm
Width: approx. 82.5 cm
Cockpit length (inside): approx. 125cm
Cockpit width (inside): approx. 48cm
Weight (boat, without seat): approx. 16.4kg
Weight (boat, with one seat): 17.3kg
People: 1
Payload: 160kg
Pack size: data to follow
Box dimensions: approx. 96 x 53 x 33cm
scope of delivery

Transport bag (Optional wheel bag available for easy transport)
Single / double action hand pump with pressure gauge
Adjustable seat with high backrest
Removable fin
repair kit
Always read the user manual / safety instructions before use

Extasea Ultimate One 1 kayak inflatable high pressure kayak full drop stitch red
The ExtaSea Ultimate kayak series is easy to paddle and particularly stable - making it ideal for beginners. This makes boarding and disembarking through the large, open deck even safer and more comfortable.

The drop stitch technology makes it possible: the sides, deck and bottom chamber of the kayak were manufactured using the drop stitch process. The kayak can be inflated with a higher operating pressure, is particularly torsion-resistant and scores with a safe position in the water. The solid Drop Stitch bottom makes it easy to stand in the kayak and enjoy the fast handling characteristics on the water, which are similar to those of a solid kayak.

It is an inflatable kayak for one person that combines the advantages of an airboat and a folding kayak. An ideal (travel) companion on rivers, lakes and near the coast on the sea. The air kayak has a maximum load of 160kg and offers enough space for a paddler with luggage. Even experienced paddlers will have a lot of fun on the water and also enjoy the simplicity of the kayak on land. The small pack size makes it easier to transport in the mobile home, car trunk or on the bus and train. A boat that can be inflated in just a few minutes thanks to high-quality valves. An additional plus: The built-in pressure relief valves reduce the risk of overpressure damage.

Additional features include D-rings with bungee cords for attaching gear. Small parts can also be stored below deck. Sturdy handles at the front and back make transport easier, for example when portaging. The material is easy to clean and dry. When the kayak is not in use, it can be stowed away again to save space.
The Ultimate Kayak series is also available as a 2-person version.
Recommended paddle length 230-240cm


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